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About Us

  • The Company

    J.M.Baptista – Jóias, Pratas e Antiguidades Lda is a gallery primarily dedicated to Portuguese jewellery and silver, whose story spans over three generations.

  • History

    While in Macau, in the ’40s, José Baptista decides to leave his post as Chief Nurse to return to Lisbon and establish a (jewellery) business with Ana Baptista, his wife and business partner, in Campo de Ourique. In the 1970s, his shop stands out within the Portuguese antiques’ milieu, becoming an important centre for buying and selling jewellery and silver.

    Considering the early contact had with Portuguese jewellery, José Marques Baptista continues and expands his father’s business, opening his own store in 1980. In the ’80s and ’90s, the store matures and starts to hold regular lectures on Gemology and History of Portuguese Jewellery. In 1988 he opens his own workshop, dedicated to the manufacture of new items and restoration of antique jewellery and silver. In the following decade, after increasing his breath of knowledge in the area, José Baptista becomes an official valuer from Casa da Moeda (official Portuguese Assay Office) and, subsequently, a certified Gemologist.

    Within academia, the publication of two important catalogues, edited by José Marques Baptista, gained relevance – Art and Ingenuity (2005), dedicated to known and unknown Portuguese goldsmith masters, and Portuguese Jewellery & its Masters (2007), the result of a partnership with Museum Soares dos Reis, which gave origin to an exhibition on that same Museum.

  • Today

    Having participated over the past three decades in Portuguese antique fairs, we are currently participating in a number of important international fairs and exhibitions.

    We are members of APA [Associação Portuguesa de Antiquários] , LAPADA and CINOA [Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Ar].

  • Services

    Our services include valuations (we are accredited by Casa da Moeda), warranty certificates (we have a Gemological Laboratory for analysis associated with the Portuguese Gemological Institute, IGP), restoration and the making of new items (we have our own workshop).

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